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The world’s first street of excuses

PARTY A, Shanghai / SEDRIN / 2020

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China is one of today’s most fast-paced, high-pressure environments for white-collars, particularly in places like Fujian Province. Because of this busy environment, many Fujianese choose to create excuses rather than bonding with their inner circles which has affected their connections.

By taking the offline event of "STREET OF EXCUSES" as the starting point to catch people's attention and discussion on "INNER CIRCLE", the objective is to make consumers start dining with friends so as to drive product sales and increase the exposure of Sedrin brand.


Every excuse has led to one less opportunity to meet with those we care about most. Introducing: The world’s First STREET OF EXCUSES. Sedrin moved these excuses to shop signs in the most popular food street, creating a new special series of outdoor advertising.

Target audience: 18-35 year-old white-collars


TA: 18-35 year-old white-collars

Sedrin turned a whole food street into an outdoor advertisement, use interesting “excuses” signs to resonate with local consumers. The activation formed enormous social communication on the Internet to maximize the exposure of media communication.

Sedrin found one the most popular food streets in Fujian and replaced the original shop signs with “excuse” signs that consumers often use to refuse invitations from friends in order to remind consumers not to find reasons to refuse gatherings with friends. It also increased brand sales through consumption in catering channels.


Sedrin replaced the original shop signs with excuses that people usually use to refuse friend’s gathering invitation in one of the most popular food streets in Fujian, thus creating a ‘Street of Excuses’.

‘Street of Excuses’ turned the original shop signs into an outdoor media touchpoint and has generated huge amount of UGC on social media platform from young consumers.


Since the launch of the street:

Daily traffic also has TRIPLED from 9,877 to 31,657

#Excuse Street# continues to be the hottest local topic on Weibo in Fujian

Fuzhou’s government was inspired by this activation and requested for the activation to be extended indefinitely at no extra cost.

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