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The world's first sustainable car catalog

GITAM BBDO, Tel Aviv / BMW / 2018

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BMW presents: The first ever “sustainable car” catalogue in the world.

In preparation for the launch of the all electric BMW i3 in Israel, we collected industrial byproducts from dozens of recycling plants all over the country to create this special catalog.

Target audience : Premium cars enthusiasts, BMW clients, other premium brands customers (high socio-economic status)


Every page was made from various materials, such as: chipboard, rubber, glass, tin from recycled cans, synthetic leather, marble, satin, MDF, corrugated cardboard, recycled paper, recycled cardboard, canvas, and perspex.

The catalog itself was wrapped in sheep wool from sheep grown on factory grounds, reducing transport pollution and packaged in a wooden OSB box.


Potential customers got the sustainable catalogs, enabling them to experience a unique interaction with the world of sustainability and core foundations of the BMW i3 through the catalog's pages.

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