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The Yellow Bus Project

HUNGRY MAN, Los Angeles / CHANGE THE REF / 2023

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The brief was simple, with these challenges:

- How do we spark a national conversation on children being the biggest victims of gun violence in America?

- How do we drive national attention to the real cause of gun violence – politicians who continue to pass pro-gun laws?

- How do we create a mountain of pressure on politicians publicly?

Pro-gun laws have been increasing in the US. In 2023 alone, 9000 people already died due to guns. Mass shootings have become the norm. Laws that allow the use of automatic rifles and no background checks have amplified gun violence in the U.S.

4368 children had died due to gun violence in the U.S. in just one year. Enough to fill up 52 school buses. That became the foundation of our idea. We needed to immediately put the attention of the country towards the politician most funded by pro-gun groups.


Largest anti-gun installation ever created. The NRA Children’s Museum, a mobile museum of 52 school buses which spanned a mile in length. The exhibit weaved its way 80 miles through pro-gun country to leading NRA spokesman Ted Cruz’s home in Houston, completely surprising authorities and the media. This choreographed act took an immense amount of preparation, coordination and communication. Each bus and its driver had to be individually screened and recruited for the covert mission. 5 cameras and documentary crews were directed to cover the event as it unfolded in real time. That doesn’t include the other two drone teams which had been prepared during the scouts. After Cruz’s home, the installation bus parked in front of Cruz’s downtown office. There the public were invited aboard to see the museum's contents – memorabilia from children who had lost their lives to gun violence. Including school shootings like Uvalde and Parkland.

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