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Theraflu Flu Tracker based on AI


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We would predict the likelihood of catching a cold in the world’s biggest country

Experience told us that our messages would be more effective if we could reach consumers as or just before the epidemic arrived. That way not only would we be top of mind – in an increasingly cluttered messaging environment – but we could also persuade consumers to stock up.

Our business targets and our consumer needs coincided – we had to predict how flu and colds would travel through Russia.

Consumers needed to know when they might need Theraflu and our modelling demonstrated that our messages were also much more effective when they arrived just before or as illness first struck.

Our idea was to create a unique service based on real-time data that allows consumers to be ready for a burst of cold in advance and help to improve their quality of life or at least reduce the severity of any illness during long flu season protect themselves.


Powered by artificial intelligence, we used media to tell Russians they need to buy Theraflu.

Data was applied both as content and for targeting across digital, TV and out of home.

In digital, customized ads with the relevant message were launched only in regions where the flu index was high or increasing, boosting efficiency as we only paid to reach flu sufferers in their most receptive moments.

Creatives were customized message based on locations and warned users into biggest digital portals (,, and via mobile wi-fi home screens at airports/stations. Similar messages were targeted as special widgets into key weather services - and WeatherRambler. Digital OOH in Moscow also alarm our Flu Index in real time

On TV we partnered with Russia’s largest entertainment channel TNT and a must-view for Theraflu’s target audience. Hosts flagged up our Flu Index data in key cities, data also appearing on screen.


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