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ARCHER TROY, Mexico City / SCRIBE / 2018

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Scribe Notebooks lives in a modern world where mobile devices and screens had taken the spotlight over the notebooks. Nowadays, the notebooks are relegated as a product that kids and teens don't relate to. But writing and putting your ideas and emotions on paper will never be out of date. That's why we created a social experiment because we discover that the mainly problem on kids is given by the lack of communication with their parents. According to El País newspaper, 6 out of 10 parents believe they have good communication with their kids, but only 2 out of 10 kids thinks the same way, usually this causes depression and low self esteem on kids. We know they have questions parents haven't answered and Scribe Notebooks will be the bridge to do that unfinished homework.


We used our facebook fanpage as the main platform to show the world that a notebook can be a bridge in family communication.

Fathers and sons can relate to this experiment and start applying it at home. Aslo the therapy initiative is being evaluated by the Public Education Bureau (SEP).


More than 2 million views.

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