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truth® needed a site experience that would allow them to share scientific data, campaign videos, and original content in a compelling, sharable, and -- most of all -- fun and youthful way. Taking cues from the campaign video content, the site’s design uses bold colors and textures, oversized images and type, animations, and engaging copy to entertain, inform, and activate young people.

Engagement hooks like quizzes, reacting to facts with emojis, and other features seamlessly encourage users into sharing content without compromising the brand or offending its audience. Our focus on informing, empowering, and activating – instead of shaming or guilting smokers – is designed specifically to reinforce the organization’s dedication to a “Gaming Not Shaming” approach to smoking prevention.


In just five months, we successfully relaunched

Since statistics and studies are a powerful part of truth®'s messaging, we created a Facts experience that allows users to explore and filter truth®'s hundreds of tobacco and smoking-related facts. Delivering this information using youthful, bold colors and textures, oversized images and type, animations, and blunt, oft-cheeky copy encourages users to share and engage with the content -- we even let them react to facts using specially-curated emojis. We were sure to make calls-to-action prominent, but not pushy.

We also crafted an intuitive, simple platform that will scale with the organization’s goals. We equipped truth®'s in-house editorial team with a set of robust, yet highly-accessible, publishing tools, including a data visualization platform that allows the organization to display big ideas in a visual language that resonates with young audiences.


The results speak for themselves. The generous use of animations to create an app-like experience that matches the expectations of truth’s mobile-obsessed audience has been successful. Since’s launch in late January 2016, we’ve seen incredible growth in user activity. Social shares jumped up an incredible 751% (vs. truth®’s previous site) and users were 8.6 times more likely to share than on the old site. Video plays also experienced a huge increase of 369%. 20% of users who viewed tobacco facts took time to react by emoji. Most importantly, the site will help truth® measure the impact of its campaigns, so it can optimize its editorial and campaign development strategies according to user behaviors.

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