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The idea for this ad was based on the insight that everything great in the universe is the result of ‘when this meets that’. Simple, from when Big met Bang, to when Tea met Fruit, everything great is always a combination of things.


The job was mainly produced using Flash and AfterFX with any 3D elements done in 3DSMax.

It was a very design focused job with backgrounds and characters being designed and painted in photoshop and illustrator.

These images were exported and brought into Flash as either vector artwork or bitmaps. The job was animated on large stages (sometimes as large as the program could handle) inside Flash that were saved as SWF files. All the camera work and compositing was done in AfterFX. Using vecotr based atrwork in our comp was, unfortunately, quite slow but did give us a tremendous amount of control in the final stages. Paper overlays, transparencies, textures and details, etc. were all added in the comp.

As the idea of the job is that it is one continuous shot, breaking up the animation over a crew proved quite difficult, especially when lots of characters are piled on top of each other or are evolving from one into another! It had to overtly feel simple too, despite being quite a complicated job behind the scenes.

The soundtrack was particularly important and in many ways drove the timing of the animation. There are many hit points throughout the job and it was often difficult to keep animation that worked when the audio would change, often on an almost daily basis.

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