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Timberland: This is Not a boot


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Timberland celebrated its 50th anniversary and aimed to mark the occasion by highlighting its cultural significance. Collaborating with Highsnobiety, the brand sought to engage a diverse audience, including tastemakers, cultural pioneers and influencers, with a compelling narrative.


Celebrate Timberland's 50th anniversary and the impact the brand has made in culture, beyond traditional advertising.


- Commemorate Timberland's 50th anniversary by showcasing its rich heritage and global cultural impact.

- Explore Timberland's evolution from workwear to a symbol of authenticity and style.

- Highlight its influence on global fashion and cultural movements.

- Engage diverse audiences, including cultural pioneers and influencers, through compelling storytelling.

- Amplify brand visibility via strategic partnership and multi-platform distribution including social media, YouTube, and interactive articles on


Instead of telling the story through a format that could be seen as traditional advertising, we created a new piece of IP that stands as true informative entertainment - a feature-length documentary.

The idea was to pay tribute to Timberland's heritage and global impact while exploring narratives that resonate with the brand and communities. It aimed to catalyze Timberland into the next 50 years by spotlighting its influence in culture and celebrating its journey from a functional work boot to a cultural phenomenon.

We influenced the amplification of the brand message by showcasing Timberland's connection to diverse communities worldwide. Through interviews, cultural explorations, and storytelling, the documentary highlighted Timberland's role in shaping grassroots subcultures and its transition into a cultural icon. By delving into Timberland's impact on hip-hop culture, street fashion, and global communities, the series underscored the brand's enduring relevance and its ability to resonate with a broad audience.


The clue is in the title - ‘This is Not a Boot' is rooted in the idea that an everyday footwear silhouette we've all seen before is much more than that - it’s a design that contains myriad cultural narratives, heritage, and the evolution of iconic brands. The target audience includes Timberland enthusiasts and individuals intrigued by fashion, music, and cultural movements. The documentary employed a strategic community-building approach; it leveraged the allure of Timberland's cultural significance to attract a broad audience interested in exploring the brand's heritage and impact. The documentary featured interviews with cultural icons from music, fashion, and beyond - appealing to a diverse audience, and fostering engagement and dialogue. The multi-platform distribution strategy, including screenings in major cities worldwide and digital platforms, facilitated community engagement and participation. This encouraged viewers to become active participants in the conversation surrounding Timberland's legacy, amplifying the documentary's impact and reach.


The documentary garnered widespread reach, 156K views on YouTube for the full documentary and 1.7M trailer views. The nomination for a Webby Award indicates sustained interest and recognition within the industry.

It sparked a resurgence of interest and popularity in Timberland, as observed by its notable presence at Paris Fashion Week FW 2024. Timberland's participation and impactful sold-out collaborations with high-profile fashion brands underscored the documentary's role in elevating the brand's cultural relevance and visibility.

The documentary positively influenced brand perception, positioning Timberland as more than just a footwear brand but as a cultural icon with enduring relevance and a reputation as a brand at the forefront of cultural innovation and collaboration.

The documentary successfully achieved its objectives of commemorating Timberland's 50th anniversary, celebrating its cultural impact, and engaging a diverse audience. Its reach, impact, and recognition through award nomination highlight its effectiveness in meeting and exceeding these objectives.

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