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UM, New York / JOHNSON & JOHNSON / 2009

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Slice re-arranged broadcast schedules to move all baby-relevant programming into one continuous “block” of time, starting at 2pm when babies were napping (and thus, moms’ attention was undivided). This new “JOHNSON’S® Baby Block” was a network and country first, giving the brand 26 weeks of exclusive marketing.JOHNSON’S® Baby Care products were woven into the DNA of “The Mom Show” through product integration, educational content, a regular segment called “Johnson’s Baby Diaries” and three JOHNSON’S® brand commercials featuring the hosts of “The Mom Show.” Components of the sponsorship drove digital-savvy moms to JOHNSON’S® online partner, Canada’s #1 baby information website. All content created via the broadcasts was repurposed for the site, giving moms access to JOHNSON’S® -supplied information 24/7. Not only was the editor of featured in 18 segments on “The Mom Show,” but 82 baby-care segments from previous seasons were archived onto the site.


The campaign was an overwhelming success on every level. Net trade sales grew 9.3%. Johnson’s share grew from 1.5 points to 39.3%. Awareness for JOHNSON’S® sponsorship of “The Mom Show” increased 20 percentage points. Awareness for increased 19 percentage points.

The numbers are only the beginning. This campaign has become a benchmark for global Johnson’s campaigns. The hyper-targeting “Mommy Marketing Model” is being applied to a number of other JOHNSON & JOHNSON categories, including Children’s Motrin®, and in the ultimate homage, content from the Mom Show created in Canada will soon be exported to the USA .

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