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LANGLAND, Windsor / SHIRE / 2016

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To place Fosrenol at the centre of the binder decision process, it is important that a clear link between compliance and pill burden is established. This involves reframing the choice conversation so primarily around the number of pills.

Figures can be easy to dismiss, and not emotionally engaging. So to turn the theory of the number of pills into a reality we used a patient insight. Often patients will line up the drugs they have to take during the day in a straight line. Then they can see what they have to take. Using this truth we illustrated a line up of the daily burden of 19 pills the average CKD patient has to take, lined up on a very, very long tongue. A surprising, simple and single-minded solution.


Implementation – Online, Print,

Timeline – through 2015

Placement – Press, Direct Mail, Conferences, Online

Scale – Limited budget, UK only


Market research showed the following reactions to the campaign:

• Visual striking; thought-provoking way to represent pill burden – although for minority an unpleasant visual to imagine in real life!

• Comparison to sevelamer makes Nephrologists think twice about whether they should be using Fosrenol more often

• “Phosphate control low priority, but if phosphate binders are worth prescribing then they’re worth taking; compliance levels could be better, make it easier for your patients to comply by giving them fewer tablets”

• Acknowledgement of wider pill burden in ESRD means compliance with binders is placed within wider context – idea of simplifying is appealing to HCPs

• Direct comparison to sevelamer both in terms of patient preference and in comparable efficacy provides strong support to the message

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