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Most of the sexually active women in Portugal, do not reach orgasm every time they have sex. Leading women to look for new ways to help them reach orgasm more frequently. Our brief was to promote the Tornado range of Harmony condoms, a condom with a tornado tip and a large number of stretch marks, ideal for increasing sexual pleasure with new and exciting experiences.


Portuguese women are very conservative and because of that, more than two-thirds of sexually active women in Portugal, with ages between sixteen and sixty-four years old, do not reach orgasm every time they have sex. Making the number of orgasms more important than the number of times they have sexual intercourse. ( Based on a study from Ginger Comms)


Illustration was our choice because, just like an orgasm, it is very personal. Orgasms vary from person to person and everyone lives it on a special way. In order to capture that essence, we couldn’t choose another type of design another than crafted, hand-drawn illustration. So we partnered with André Carrilho, an illustrator that is well known for it’s a stylishly old-school feel, in large part because of his cartoon, animation and caricature background. Every element was illustrated by hand, scanning in later to add color.


The brand increased perception in the consumer’s mind when it comes to pleasure and intense sex. People become more aware of the Brand's motto “ We are for lovers” and saw on the Tornado Condoms, a new way of reaching powerful orgasms more frequently. The Tornado surpassed sales of the remaining Harmony brand range of products, making it the brand's main asset during the time of the campaign.

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