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PRIMO CONTENT, Buenos Aires / RED CROSS / 2023


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Armed Violence in Latin America not only has consequences on the direct victims, materialized in homicide, but also generates invisible effects throughout society: psychological issues, limitation to access health and education services, restriction in the possibilities of personal development, social and community participation, among others.

In this context, the intervention of the ICRC to reduce and prevent was more necessary than ever. But unfortunately, such a problem had become an everyday matter, making it seem ordinary, taking away its prominence.

The objective was to make visible the dimension of this problem, its consequences and the importance of ICRC’s work on this issue.

“Trajectory” was born from this premise: If everyday life doesn’t let us see the seriousness of the matter, let’s use its harshness to make us open our eyes.


The directors started this project learning that gun violence in Latin America has more victims than a war. Understanding that a bullet not only hurts those who receive the impact, but an entire community. Entire families have to move out of fear, kids who have to drop out of school to go to work, and thousands of victims that usually don’t receive any type of psychological help.

The goal was to create a poetic and beautiful piece happening in a really tough environment. The piece was shot in Mexico City, in neighborhoods where gun violence is a daily reality, to convey the audience a little bit of what the victims feel.

The directors lived the production of this film in an intense and very exciting way, and hope that everyone who sees it feels touched by the path of this bullet.

The film was shot in 16 mm.

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