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Since the last 5 years, the players of the Haircare industry in Thailand have been following the same strategy of product innovation to grow market share. Pantene’s market share however, was flattening towards a decline as it had no plans to launch any new products during Jul-Sep 2019. The brief was to devise a unique strategy that could win the hearts of consumers and turn them into advocates of the brand; aiming to improve the brands performance, especially on a perceptual level. Hence it was decided to grow the business via a deep social and insightful campaign that could resonate with not just women but all genders.

The objectives of the campaign were to change the perception that haircare brands are not just for any specific gender but for all and to spark a conversation that could make shifts in Thai culture. The business objectives were to reach >10 million


The creative idea was to use ordinary moments of transgender people’s lives to deliver the meaningful message that they are, after all, not so different from the rest of society. This creative idea was to inspire the target audience to see beauty, not gender.


Based on the insight that transgender people just want to be treated ‘normal’, we had an all transgender crew. From behind the scenes to in front of the camera, we worked with an all transgender crew, including the film’s director, all talents and the narrator where they all participated in the script-writing. This was to ensure absolutely no stereotypical ‘mistakes’ were to be made. We invited Poyd Treechada (a trans celebrity and influencer) and renowned director Tanwarin Sukkhapisit to create a film.

Beyond having a film meant to provoke conversations online and bring Thais together in support of the Transgender community, our ideas stretched out to a digital and PR orchestration through the form of Facebook Live, and interactive Facebook and IG stories.

To shift the perception in society to see beyond gender and see that there is beauty in every ordinary human. #Seebeautynotgender


For the mobile, we had vertical interactive Facebook and IG story carousels that invite you to tap to see beyond gender, as well as making short form tailored ads for other online media; built to catch attention and be thumb-stopping in the feed. making the best use of the influencers hoping to create widespread awareness.

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