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CREATURE, Seattle, Wa / EXPEDIA / 2012

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“Our Facebook fans hate us”. After building a huge collection of Facebook followers, Expedia had nothing to do with them besides give them deals on stuff. There was no relationship, and the crowd was getting feisty. When the anniversary came around, they wanted something to help celebrate with their followers, and show some pride as a company.


Celebrate 15 years, or great travel memories with 15 memorable adventures. Each of the 15 travel posters is based on a themed suitcase packed with a million points and hidden online. When people discovered the clue, and found the suitcase these posters came with it to commemorate the experience. Each based on a period style, or artist, and printed in glorious 3’x5’ (90cmx150cm)


The campaign results are best summed up in the words of one of the thousands of positive Expedia Facebook comments, “loved the hunt! It was completely addicting. Thanks Expedia!” As far as the numbers:- 111% increase in number of word of mouth impressions (from 11m to over 23m)- Bookings increased by over 25% during the promotion

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