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The TREMFYA® campaign was born from the call to communicate superiority to Humira® and skin clearance that lasts, and a drive to stand out from the real-life patient imagery common in the plaque psoriasis market.

The campaign transforms the TREMFYA® patients into stone monuments, standing strong, solid, and cemented. The monuments are discarding their clothing and celebrating lasting skin clearance. Standing high and looking down at the city, the monuments reinforce the superior efficacy of ?TREMFYA?® vs Humira®. ?A historic environment with traditional architecture reinforces the theme of outcomes that last. ??????????????


The TREMFYA® monuments were executed with cutting-edge photogrammetry involving a rig of 175 cameras. This technology captured a detailed, 360°-view of our patients. The view of skin clearance from head to toe and at all angles granted us many avenues to bring the campaign to life across formats and across the globe.

At sales training and conventions, the campaign is represented through live people posing as monuments. The campaign booth at the American Academy of Dermatology conference presented a 20-foot 3D monument in a town square environment.

The TREMFYA® team collaborated with a host of partners to deliver a flawless launch in an expedited timeframe. Proactivity at launch allowed for the dissemination of promotional materials within 24 hours of product approval. A fully developed launch strategy ensured sales representatives were ready to promote TREMFYA® immediately.


The TREMFYA® Monuments campaign brought the brand above and beyond initial expectations. In the first months after launch, TREMFYA® achieved #2 in new-to-brand share in a crowded market; it surpassed its biggest competitor with 72% physician preference compared with 48% for Humira®; and it reached 84% unaided efficacy recall from its customers. Within 6 months of launch, TREMFYA® brought in $46M in revenue, increasing to $72M by the first quarter of 2018. [Source: Derm ATU Post Launch W2 Pulse]

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