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Truth Detector

DDB BRASIL, Sao Paulo / 89 FM / 2016

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A radio interview program where the interviewees faced a lie detector.

The results were shown in real time on the RDS displays of radios and smartphones. With every answer given by the guests, listeners would know in real time if they were telling the truth or lying.

Controversial guests talked about politics, music, fashion, sex, sports and also public interest issues such as the Zika virus epidemic and the Olympics. Listeners could interact and send in questions through social networks. Everything happened in real time.


We created a new radio program format called the “Truth Detector Radio”. A daily show during prime time of one of the most influential radio stations in the country.

Controversial guests from the most varied sectors of society talked about politics, music, fashion, sex sports and also public interest issues such as the Zika virus epidemic and the Olympics.

A polygraph specialist, trained by the CIA, monitored each one of the guests. The results from the polygraph were sent in real time, together with the radio waves to the RDS displays in cars and smartphones. With each answer, the listeners knew whether the guests were telling the truth or lying.

Listeners could also interact and send questions through social networks, and these questions were also answered in real time by the interviewees.


• We placed the truth in front of the listeners, bringing even more credibility and transparency to the radio amidst a scenario of widespread mistrust that Brazil is going through.

- The activation was featured in important vehicles in Brazil and around the world : FOX, ABC, Yahooo! , NBC and CBS, among others.

- 12.635.267 impressions

- Millions of people impacted listening to the radio, on the web, or through other media vehicles.

• A second season is already confirmed.

• The project’s repercussion was so positive that, out of the 94 politicians invited for the second season, none accepted the invitation.

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