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The T-shirts that Turn Ignorance Around. We created t-shirts to make every person a walking billboard. The t-shirts used on the front part, the pejorative words that Donald Trump said against the Latino community. And on the back of the t-shirts we presented the twist of the campaign. By using Donald Trump’s words we turn ignorance around in order to expose the truth about who Latinos really are in the US: Latinos are contributing members of the US economy and society. We are teachers, nurses, firefighters, chefs, lawyers, etc, etc.


We created a website, where we launched the video and people could interact with it. They were able to buy customized t-shirts, so they can keep spreading the word on the different social media platforms.

We launched on March 15th and we are planning to continue with this campaign until the US Presidential elections on November.

Placement: This a very interactive campaign. The campaign live online, but every person that buys a t-shirts, transforms into a walking billboard. We are also part of different protest against Trump and protest defending immigrants right in the USA. For those protest we have people wearing the t-shirts.

The scale: A US national campaign that spread to transformed in a global campaign. The campaign was featured in the press media, digital and TV worldwide appearing at news channels and TV shows.


Awareness: We helped to change the perception of latinos in the US. Our video was viewed for more than 15 millions people and it was shared more than 1 million times. Celebrities, athletes, and the most recognize international politicians liked and shared our campaign on their social media platforms.

Knowledge: We made the entire country t talk about this topic. Our campaign transformed into an icon during the US Presidential Elections.

Results: We duplicated the donations for our client CHIRLA Action Fund in the first month of the campaign. The video was viewed by more than 15MM people. The campaign had a exposure that is equivalent to a $5 Million dollar in free media coverage. And the most important result. Since we launched the campaign the numbers of new Latino voters registering to vote in the US for the first time grew up as never happened in US history.

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