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HBO, New York / HBO / 2012

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HBO partnered with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City to bring back a vintage train model from the 1920’s. The trains ran on the 2/3 Express line during the four weekends of September in the lead-up to the show’s premiere and stopped at 96 St, 72 St, and 42 St/Times Sq.Each car’s interior featured authentic details such as exposed light bulbs, rattan seats, ceiling fans, and drop sash windows as well as Boardwalk Empire inspired 1920’s vintage ads and tune-in information. Aside from the Facebook mentions, these vintage ads actually looked like they hailed from the time period they represented.Street team hawkers dressed like newsboys from the era distributed “Compliments of Nucky” Metro cards above ground in the districts where the antique trains were in service. These cards were each redeemable for a single free ride aboard the antique trains.


Season 2 premiere netted 12m viewers in its first week, surpassing season 1 premiere. Campaign results:–$5m+ in added value via partnerships (i.e. display integration, on-site signage/branding, hotels and transportation hubs across U.S.)–190m total impressions, including massive earned media coverage (NPR, Multichannel News, The Huffington Post, AdWeek, Gawker, NY Post, NYMag, Vulture, Fast Company, Hollywood Reporter, The Week, Gothamist, WSJ Blog)Individual impressions:–Canadian Club – 50m–LivingSocial – 20m–Caesar’s Hotel and Casino – 5m–MTA/ 1920s Vintage Train – 2m–SJTA/ Atlantic City Beautification and Tolls Campaign – 1.5m5:1 ROI for HBO on media value vs campaign cost

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