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TAPSA | Y&R, Madrid / GENERAL MOTORS / 2016

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To use Twitter without having to be aware of your texts´ coming or not in the space you have. Get themselves put in 140 characters just pushing by button.


We created a web app in which you type the text you want tweeting with a limit of 160 characters. Push the Assist button and below your text is shortened to 140 characters, ready to tweeting .Your original text stays on the screen so you can compare with each other.

The characters reduction is achieved by using abbreviations (frequents in academic or online language) plus synonyms and removing letters that do not alter the understanding of words

The system operates behind with a database where we manage words, controlling meanings and abbreviations.

The system processes every word the user types and returns the corresponding.

In addition, stores the words of daily use that may not have in the database to actívate them later. So the system improves the more you use .

A direct access and responsive design were created to use it correctly in the mobile


55,000 twitter users made use of our tool, through which 153,500 tweets have been published within three first months.

89% of comments were positive and several media echoed the action.

Clicks on the Opel Spain website Spain increased by 21 %. Test product rate between the target and Opel non-buyers increased by 13 %.

The programming cost did not exceed € 3,000, representing an awarness equivalent to 600,000 € on earn media.

We created a new way of using Twitter, without the stress of wanting to say something and not having enough characters to write, making the tool available to users without breaking the rules. It lets you type more than 140 characters.

The Opel brand image improved the affinity and empathy among the target.

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