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Situation: Cricket is a religion in India and Ind V Pak rivalry is second to none. India hosting World Cup 2023 and playing against its arch rival Pakistan after 7 years generated palpable hype. With a persistent winning streak and high stakes, this match was expected to surpass the super bowl viewership. While Indians were high on emotions, the hotel prices in Ahmedabad were even higher. Fans didn’t hesitate to book hospital beds as sleeping pods.

Brief: Uber with its perpetual ambition of becoming a part of the cultural zeitgeist and lauded cricket culture wanted to be an integral part of this mega event - not just by being a promoter but a problem solver.

Objective: Uber stepped forward with a simple yet differentiated larger-than-life phygital experience. Going beyond being a mobility partner, Uber offered a lifetime memory to let Indians witness the rivalry on wheels.


Amidst the chaos in Ahmedabad, Uber identified a genuine consumer problem: cricket fans in dire need of comfortable stays to witness the Ind VS Pak match. In response, Uber took a bold step

addressing the issue with a unique, distinctive, and clutter-breaking idea! Introducing the concept of Mobility X Hospitality, Uber rolled out an exclusive service called Uber Camper for fans - absolutely free. The campaign kicked off with a 60-second video, serving as the catalyst to spread the word. To reserve their free stay, fans participated in an online contest, all done in true cricketing style. They simply had to showcase their loudest cheer for team India on a placard and tag three friends as their camper mates.

This highly curated experience, designed to create lasting memories, executed with precision, stands as a testament to how quickly a cultural need was turned into a cultural phenomenon at the perfect moment.


TA: The target audience for this campaign was literally the entire nation! Being a cricket lover is synonymous with being a true-blue Indian. Infact, in India, cricket is a unifying factor and Uber sought to capitalise on this opportunity to connect with a vast audience, addressing a genuine consumer problem.

Approach: Uber, as a brand, embraces acts that resonate with people on a profound level. Driven by a deep commitment to harp onto the cricket frenzy, Uber, as a disrupter, offered a remarkably memorable experience that brought out the passion of Indian cricket fans. The thoughtful integration of an on-ground activation with a strong digital leg ensured that both traditional and digital mediums worked in tandem. A simple communication design yielded significant UGC, creating an exceptional impact. Uber Camper not only provided an interesting solution but also garnered widespread appreciation, and positive sentiment - all of which the brand strives


A key reason behind the success of the campaign was the strategic execution. We kicked off the campaign with a digital contest asking cricket fanatics to share their loudest cheer for team India on social media. After going through the pool of entries, 10 lucky winners were shortlisted across all social media platforms. On the eve of the D-day, we brought the camper experience to life with 10 luxurious campers parked in open ground-housing.

Social media was largely used to spread the word but we also leveraged traditional mediums like radio in Ahemdabad to accentuate the city's zeal. Multiple brands also harped onto the camper bandwagon through brand collabs, not just on digital but also on-ground.

The entire campaign ran for 2 weeks (4th Oct- 18th Oct 2023). A budget of 1.24Cr was exhausted by renting an arena in Ahmedabad to park our beautiful campers, accommodating 37 lucky winners.


The campaign response was indeed overwhelming. With a staggering 13,360 entries in just 60 hours, Uber Camper undeniably became one of the hottest topics during the Ind VS Pak match. Fans, celebrities, influencers, brands, media – everyone was caught up in the excitement. Massive cheer echoed from across the nation.

The campaign made its mark with 330M+ impressions and 511.8K engagement across socials, resulting in an earned media value of 405k USD. Users selected for the program shared their joy and gratitude on social media.

The campaign not only boosted our SOV significantly, reaching a remarkable 65% during the campaign period (17% increase in SOV), but also garnered widespread media coverage and positive feedback. Over 54 media houses covered the camper story. This success vividly illustrates the potency of on-ground activations in creating positive buzz and attracting media attention, ultimately leading to increased brand awareness and affinity.

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