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CIRCO DE BAKUZA, Montreal / UEFA / 2016

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Case Film






Berlin is one of the most vibrant cities on earth, fusing history and contemporary culture from fine arts to high-tech. The city has always been ahead of the times: since the early 20th century, it has been a haven for the avant-garde and today, its thriving urban culture is expressed as much in graffiti and music as pixels and start-ups. Constantly in an entrancing state of flux, the city has become a source of inspiration the world over.

We chose two iconic movements to convey the spirit of Berlin: Bauhaus (classic avant-garde) and flag/pixel art (contemporary avant-garde) to capture the essence of the city’s edge. The opening ceremony channeled Berlin’s energy with entertainment that not only pushed the limits creatively, but truly connected people. Whether in the stadium or watching from screens around the world, spectators could proudly think: ICH BIN EIN BERLINER. Here, for a passion that unites.


We had 7 minutes from assembly and the players’ entrance to disassembly. We created a giant printed canvas (7500 m2) that simultaneously protected the field, showcased the Champion League’s new identity and guided performers. An internationally renowned choreographer directed the 400 volunteer performers on the pitch who wore 12 distinct costumes inspired by contemporary Berlin’s modern and innovative spirit. The emotional impact was heighted by two local soprano stars and an original score composed with a nod to the classic Berliner avant-guard period.


• 19:31 - Set-up

• 19:34 - Opening Ceremony begins

• 19:40 - Unveiling of Champions League Trophy

• 19:41 - Players enter to UCL Anthem

• 19:42 - Players line-up before officials

• 19:42:40 - Teams shake hands followed by pictures / Dismantling starts

• 19:43:40 - Coin toss (captains and referees)

• 19:45:00 - Match kick off


People around the world were glued to their screens for the UEFA Champions League Final in Berlin. The opening ceremony was seen by the 80,00 spectators who filled the legendary olympic stadium to capacity and broadcast live to an audience of 180 million in 200 countries. Digital and TV audiences reaffirmed the match’s status as the most watched annual sporting event in the world.

On Facebook, where a special live screening was broadcast exclusively for the event, there was engagement from 28 million profiles for a total of 76 million impressions. The hashtag #UCLfinal was also mentioned 2 million times, while UEFA’s Instagram reached 500,000 followers and got 2 million hits.

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