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The premium automotive market in Russia is fiercely competitive and a close game among three German brands - Mercedes, BMW and Audi. Strengthening the point of difference between these brands often is a big challenge. Standard media solutions were not always fully successful in achieving BMW’s ‘innovative’ image.

The brief was to come up with a non standard solution in order to leverage BMW’s milestone 100 years anniversary celebrations to impress premium customers and emphatically prove that BMW is the most innovative automotive brand that not just makes great cars but also provides the most enjoyable and exclusive driving experiences.

The objectives were to increase brand awareness, drive sales, engage owners’ community, uplift brand’s exclusivity perception and raise favourable opinion among competitive drivers of BMW.


BMW treated its customers with the first exclusive free drive on new M11 Highway to city’s main airport. On social media BMW responded immediately to competitors’ owners. Social media posts were converted into printable BMW logostickers customisable for every premium car manufacturer’s badge. Customers could simply download these stickers, paste them on their car logos camouflaging their badges and drive through BMW tollbooth, absolutely free of charge.


The offer was promoted on automotive, news and lifestyle websites and forums (e.g.,,,,,,, etc.).

BMW created specially customised logo stickers on its social media pages. These were designed to fit exactly on the logos of competitor brands. After sticking the logos, competitors’ cars could drive past the reserved fast track BMW tollbooth without paying any charges, as if it was an actual BMW. Cashiers were instructed to let any car with a BMW logo pass for free.

The campaign started in June 2016 and lasted till the end of summer.

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