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JWT INDIA, Mumbai / PEPSICO / 2014

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The Idea came from the cans.

We redesigned the cans, each with the logo of each team.

8 teams in total. This made them collectibles instantly.

But to really be part of the intense cricket discussion, we decided to create a simple match update.

This was called the MyCan My Team Versus campaign.

Before the match we placed cans of opposing teams opposite each other on Pepsi's Facebook and Twitter pages. After the match we updated the pages with the winning team MyCan looking perfect and the losing team can crushed. This caused fans to react on the post instantly.


As of April 28, 2014 (Tournament ends June 1, 2014)

each update created a reach of 155,673.

The impressions per update were 361,233.

Created a reach of over 4.51 million and generated 10.48 million social impressions.

And this is still growing.

We've created a bigger forum for people to argue and discuss the IPL matches, rather than posting regular facebook statuses and tiny twitter feeds. We created a post where thousands of people get to react to one another. This got our page more traffic, our new MyCan design popular and finally made us a lot more than a sponsor.

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