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As a brand that is widely recognized for its dedication to sports, UNDER ARMOUR aims to inspire people to pursue their passion for sports. We firmly believe that everyone has the birthright to engage in sports, which is why we launched a series of training programs specifically designed for young athletes during China's back-to-school season. Our goal is to help break down barriers and enable more talented young athletes to participate in the sports they love.


We search for young athletes who show potential and talent, showcase their abilities through their personal stories and training data. This not only highlights their capabilities, but also encourages other talented young athletes to join UA NEXT. Using data is the most direct way to show how a true sports brand values sports and its athletes.


Visiting universities, high schools, and conducting survey reports to analyze the current status of youth sports in China. Our aim is to understand the challenges they face and identify the obstacles that prevent them from pursuing sports. We will then implement various programs tailored to different age groups, including high school students, college students, and young adults.

Our grassroots projects will be selected from public, while our Future Stars projects will focus on building an amateur college league. We will also collaborate with private high schools for our sports leagues projects. Lastly, we will also offer tailor-made training programs led by professional athletes.



•Launched grassroots projects, future stars projects, projects that cooperate with sports

leagues, and tailor-made trainings.

•Released a branded campaign video.

•Sponsor the Tencent Video youth basketball documentary show "24 Seconds of Youth".


•Campaign go live on September 5, 2022.

•UA NEXT Football Showcase in September-November 2022.

•Youth Grassroot - GOLF CAMP in November 2022.

•Youth Grassroot - UA LETS 3 U18 Basketball in December 2022-January 2023.


•UNDER ARMOUR owned digital channels

•Feeds on Tiktok and WeChat

•OOH in CBD and school campuses

•Sports venues' screens

•Implanted in the youth basketball documentary show "24 Seconds of Youth".


•Large scale brand campaign with total marketing budget of over 2 million RMB


With a total exposure of 800 million, the campaign reached over 100 million teenagers, and 1.8 million young athletes showcased their talents on social media. Over 1 million young athletes participated in various events, such as the Youth Golf Championship, College Women's Football Showcase, Ting Zhu Training Camp, and Youth 3-on-3 Basketball Tournament. We selected 10 talented young athletes as potential candidates for further development. As a result, UNDER ARMOUR has transformed from a fitness brand to a true sports brand in China, helping more and more talented young athletes reach higher levels of sports competition.

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