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4129GREY, Istanbul / RENAULT / 2020

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The automotive advertising has been focusing on similar text, visual and audio codes for a long time. The way to describe the unique features in our interior design couldn't be possible by designing an advertising campaign that repeats the same communication patterns. We have decided that it was necessary to examine them first and find out all the clichés.


The sounds of the videos were converted into spectrograms and "analysis of visual representations of sound waves" was performed in these spectrograms. After the visual and auditory cliches were compiled, the idea of the campaign was started to be prepared for all platforms, without including any of these clichés. Shortly after entering the spring campaign cliches were shared with Renault in Turkey in a special section of the website under the whole of Turkey.


In order to detect communication stereotypes in the automobile industry, 362 commercials previously shot in the industry were collected and analyzed. In the analysis carried out in cooperation with Vircon Artificial Intelligence R&D Center, 2 separate artificial neural networks were created to detect automobile advertising cliches. As a result of this work, a unique campaign was created without including any visual and auditory clichés.


The unique features of the new CLIO are explained in 6 separate films. For each of the features of Mutlisense, RS Line, 1.0 Turbo X-Tronic engine, wireless charging, 360 cameras, hands-free parking assist and active emergency braking system, New CLIO meets customers with its own unique 6 unique mini stories. In films that take place in an unusual environment, both the vehicles and the voice-over that convey the story convey the unique aspects of the New CLIO to car lovers with choreographies and texts that escape the clichés determined by artificial intelligence.

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