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PARADAIS DDB, Guayaquil / CRIS-SAL / 2022


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Cris-Sal, Ecuador's #1 brand of salt, wanted to be part of the World Cup qualifier. But, neither the Ecuadorian Football Federation nor the fans would ever allow it. The reason? Salt is believed to bring bad luck.

In Ecuador, this superstition is believed to the degree that the even the word "salado" (salty) literally means "someone with bad luck." IE: That player "is salty" (has bad luck).


If sponsoring Ecuador's team would make it loose, then sponsoring other countries' teams would make Ecuador win.

That's why, Cris-Sal became the "unofficial sponsor" of Ecuador's rivals.


Local culture believes that salt brings bad luck, therefore, if Cris-Sal were to sponsor Ecuador, our team would loose. If that's the case, then sponsoring other countries' teams would make Ecuador win.

Our key message was: "Cris-Sal is supporting other teams to make them lose."

The most iconic executions of the campaign were done in countries like Paraguay, Argentina, Chile or Colombia, and, since our main target are the +15M of Ecuadorian football fans, local PR was the main tool for the idea to reach them.


We started at the beginning of the qualifiers up until its end. To capture fans attention, before and during the game, we used public outdoor billboards, MUPIs, LED Display sidelines and even radio stations to openly show support for our rivals. All the media executions were displayed locally (to welcome foreign teams) and internationally (to wish good luck in the very cities they were going to play). International executions were shared with the Ecuadorian audience using digital platforms and the implementation of a PR strategy.


#1 Action / Business Results

• +14% Market Volume (since the begging of the campaign)*

• +5.43% Market Volume (top of the campaign)*

• +4% Sales Increase*

• +7% Market Share*

#2 Outcomes / Awareness

• 96% Positive Mentions**

• +2% Consideration Increase*

• +12M Reach** ***

• +41M Impressions** ***

• $2.8M Free Press****


*Kantar-Ibope reports

**Social Media Trackers and Management Tools (IE: Social Bakers)

*** El Canal del Fútbol (ECDF) - Ecuador's only channel with the legal right to broadcast FIFA World Cup's matches.

**** PR Department

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Unlucky Sponsor

2023, CRIS-SAL

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