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DENTSU INC., Tokyo / SHISEIDO CO. / 2017

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uno developed a service with which consumers would be able to show the gap between their real life and online persona, through an analysis made to look at their social media activity, all with the simple click of a button. The service is the result of the combination of a personality analysis algorithm developed by Tokyo University, comments posted on Facebook and Twitter and “deep learning” (The deep learning characteristic parameters were sampled from the outcome of personality analysis tests taken by several hundred subjects and the resulting difference between those results and their social media persona). A process that normally takes 30 minutes was reduced to a single click. When users see this, they realize the gap between their real and online selves. In order to be able to depict this in real time, we used “Web GL” technology.


Data Collection

In order to establish the connection between social media posts and psychological tendencies, we had several people take a “TEG II New Version” egogram questionnaire. At the same time we also gathered their social media data (post contents, average word count, frequency, positive negative ratio, emotional content, etc.).

Data Analysis

We analyzed the results of the questionnaire and the contents of the social media posts using the “Deep Learning” machine learning algorithm, finding word patterns related to certain psychological tendencies. Furthermore, using those word patterns, we developed an algorithm that calculates the personality scores based on social media posts.


We used WebGL technology and delivered the same experience to both PC and smartphone user

After the Service Launch

The PR release created a media buzz. Furthermore, 1 month later we released a summary of the Social Media behaviour, trends etc. collected from


This service spread amongst young consumers like wildfire. In the first two weeks, 100 000 people tried it out. The campaign was also shared over 200 media outlets.

Furthermore, through the coverage of the various types of media of our campaign, news media brought renewed attention to the existing “Social Media Dependence” problem in Japan. As a result, this grew into a PR campaign that would become an opportunity for young people of course, but also the entire country of Japan, to re-evaluate how people view social media and their relationship with it.

To uno’s great delight, uno products were put up front in stores, a 5% increase compared to last year, making it into a campaign that highly benefited the brand.

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