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KMS BLACKSPACE, Munchen / AUDI / 2017

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#untaggable. The new Audi Q2. Compartmentalized thinking is so passé. This vehicle is just as different and unique as its audience. But how could we advertise a vehicle for its market launch without leaving our own mark on it? We turned what we had inside out, put what we knew in a new context, and redefined much of what was already defined. #untaggable describes the indescribable quality that this vehicle and its target audience have in common.


Four cities. Four locations. Four weeks. Four DJ labels. A city pool in Berlin became #poolposition, a power plant in Hamburg #durchlauferhitzer, an industrial hall in Cologne was transformed into a street art party called #passtpartout, and a closed brewery facility in Munich was turned into #halsüberhopf. The spaces morphed into whimsical party strongholds with regional DJ labels »Mukke«, »Moonboutique«, »Stil vor Talent« and »Meute«.

During the day, these locations provided enough space for people to sign up to test drive the Q2.

Typical elements of each location were rethought in unusual ways and typical materials were increasingly used, e.g. rusty metal in the power plant and inflatable elements and furniture in the pool. Instead of a water basin there was a water installation in the pool which ran along the wall. Underwater artists played music on specifically produced instruments, e.g. percussions made out of car rims.


Thanks to the #untaggable market launch the Audi Q2 is taken directly to its target audience – and because of the hashtag it is spreaded immediately on social media. More than 4,000 guests attended the four parties, and the event series attracted 1.04 million Facebook fans.

By choosing unexpected locations for the market launch for the Q2, Audi was able to surprise not only the specialized press but also the target audience.

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