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Snack’in is the range of products from Campofrio, in a small format, to consume cold cuts as a snack, etc …

Its a small volume category but is worth a lot, it’s the fastest growing category over the last few years.

• Brief

Relaunch the snacks category with the new SNACK’IN range to increase the brand’s penetration in the category.

• Objectives

- Generate awareness among young people aged: 18-35.

- Create new consumption moments.

- Differentiate it from the competitive set.


We decided to tackle the problem and take advantage of the duality of the traditional origin of the product and the innovative format, varieties of consumption moments that it generates.

Snack´In updates the classic cold cuts and proposes a new way of consuming them in a new format: to snack on wherever and whenever you want: The most traditional now more modern than ever.

Under the slogan “The result of joining the traditional and the modern”, we created a limited series of classic objects from our country’s culture, but updated: an earthenware pitcher speaker, a wi-fi beret and an espadrille cloud.

Our gadgets became real objects that were very sought after which were given away on social media.


Fuet, chorizo, salami are all traditional cold meats that have always part of consumer’s habits in traditional Spain.

Campofrio with Snak’in uses a classic product and has reinvented it: now in a format that fits in with a modern lifestyle, on the go in the city.

To reach younger people and to let them all find out about it, we did the same, updating a classic object with the latest technology.


We created an Bluetooth earthenware pitcher speaker. An earthenware pitcher speaker on which you could listen to your music connecting your phone to it via Bluetooth.

The wi-fi beret. The traditional beret but with built in wi-fi so that you can always connect to your social media.

The Espadrille Cloud. Download all your data from the cloud which is in the sole of your espadrille.

We created a website where you could find our products so that young people could get them. We created diverse mechanics to get each of the objects. And one final mechanic for users to vote on a new updated object. The winning idea would also be made into a real product, ending the campaign creating a classic that people had asked us to make real.


Despite a small budget, the results were excellent.

- 24 million online views.

- 102 million visits to, exceeding the target of web visits.

- Over 45 million interactions on social media.

- Very positive sentiment reaching 96% one of the highest ever achieved by the brand.

- Campofrio’s brand awareness increased by 32% over the period of the campaign and awareness of our cold meats reached a historical record figure.

- And most importantly, sales shot up by 24% and market penetration of Campofrio Snack’in grew.

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