ANTI, Oslo / DNE PHARMA / 2021

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Ventizolve is a naloxone product by dne pharma; one of the leading players in addiction medicine in the Nordic countries.


Existing products on the market follow standard medical packaging and product design; following regulations without the ever-important empathy of human centred design. Often landing on unsympathetic solutions, indifferent to the end-user, products that can carry social stigma and fail to support the ‘in the moment’ no-medic use in an emergency.

The big question for the design team was:

What is the best design solution that captures the core qualities of a lifesaving product; for some of the most vulnerable in society…

...that earns trust and people will carry on them, without stigma?

...that is easily identifiable and easy to find?

…that is simple to understand and simple to use?

The design process started with ethnographic research, delving into the social contexts, listening to academic and activist leaders, and taking care to understand the lives and lifestyles of people with opioid dependency.


The outcomes of the research informed the design approach from the product design & packaging, information and publication design, illustration & animation and film production.

The resulting design follows the ergonomic viabilities, creating a shape to become an iconic form and a symbol of help in an overdose. With the two doses recommended in each pack, the solution ensures these stay together in the most compact and easily-accessible way. Naturally the ease of opening was essential, as was the need to ensure the applicators don’t accidentally discharge before they are needed.

The band around the unit has two functions, it ensures the packaging can’t accidentally be popped open and it's a quick release acts the same as a pin on a fire extinguisher or ‘break glass’ in front of an alarm.

The colour in the product addresses two functions; association with the producer, and to stand out in chaotic environments.

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