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Versailles for kids

BETC, Paris / CANAL / 2017

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Between conspiracies, betrayals, and poisonings, Versailles, broadcast during prime time, is definitely not a series for children. So, to divert their attention, we created the Versailles for Children line of toys.

This exclusive collection, reserved for subscribers, proposes one toy per episode: a digital application of mini-games, a royal gardening kit, a box of magic, a small King costume, a castle building kit to be painted, a board game, colouring pencils, a puzzle and a pastry kit. Each toy is comes with a "mission letter", handwritten by a young Louis XIV, who encourages the child to help him with a specific task ...


1 / A 45s video to launch the campaign, broadcast on social networks, which shows the embarrassment of a father facing the reaction of his child in front of the series.

2 / we targeted influencers in particular "digital mums & dads" and other general relays: sending toys to each of them to produce "unboxing" content, with or without their children .

3 / Gifs, broadcast on social networks, illustrating the kind of embarrassing conversations that can happen when parents and children watch Versailles. For example: "Dad, why is the King sleeping with three ladies?", And the embarrassed reply of the father.

4 / Mini-videos of 15s presenting each toy in detail, destined to drive traffic on the CANAL Premier Rang website, where subscribers can register.


Over 9 million people reached with a 50% engagement with the brand

6 million media impressions

4 000 toys won

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