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DDB STOCKHOLM, Stockholm / DELICATO / 2017

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(In Sweden, we often use the word 'fika'. Fika is a deeply rooted concept in Swedish culture with the basic meaning is 'to have coffee accompanied with pastries or cookies at 2.30 PM, often together with someone else'. It is an enjoyable moment creating a break in daily life.)

Why do you have a fika? The plain answer is; because you feel like it. Fika is not about life or death, it´s just a break from everyday life and it is all about sweet and fun. So the omnichannel idea became just that - Sweet, tasty and fun, with a "cause you feel like it tonality".


We started from a palette of powdery papers. The perfect sweet costume for our brand. We made paper art illustrations with it, used it for stationery, packaging and we picked the colors from them to be used in all printed and digital channels.

We redesigned the logotype to make it more qualitative and proud. How it looks like, but also how its used.

First we added a simple, clear typeface for headlines. A modern more purist take of the geometrical typefaces often used in the classic pastry business. Thereafter we added a quirky serif type to add that fun. The new creative look permeates the whole identity with a humorous touch where each product gets its own personality andvoice.

We started the roll out in the factory where the products are born, by redesigning the packaging. Thereafter all other touchpoints such as signage, stationery, trucks, homepage, digital and printed advertising


We're still in the early stages of the roll-out, but it is already clear that the work has been a big success. The visual work and packaging has been one of the key elements in the new, re-occuring sales-meetings with the main grocery chains, leading to an increased number of listings and improved margins. Further, the visually driven digital/SoMe activations have provides results been beyond expectation, with a highly increased number of fans, high degree of brand interaction and even an amazing +1 000 000 views on one of the 2016 Facebook-post.

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