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How could we quickly communicate to pharmacists that VFEND's label had now extended into prophylaxis as well as treatment?

We decided to raise awareness of VFEND's label change in invasive fungal infection (IFI) via DM - and rather than use the existing creative campaign, we developed something that was specific to this new message.


We developed the idea quickly once the client approved the sketched concept. We produced paper cut-out versions of fungal spores and, true to a Christmas cracker, we included a full, detailed letter, with PI as the 'hat' and a small, simple joke - that, in line with our platform, was no laughing matter.

The above-the-line brand campaign is very functional and scientific so this was a one-off tactical piece to convey a serious message about the disease, as much as presenting the brand (VFEND) as the powerful solution to this problem.


The client did not want to include any response element in the mailer - the aim was more blanket mailing to drive increased awareness. Firstly, the mailer received great praise within Pfizer for its creative and unexpected approach to a very specialised disease area and target audience. Many of the sales force (UK) mentioned that their customers noticed the mailer, interacted with it and proactively raised mentioned it during routine sales calls. Pfizer soon commissioned us to develop another 11 mailers across their anti-infective portfolio (some of which have also been entered here).

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