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Victory Games: One of Us

PHD, Shanghai / BAYER / 2017

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Kang Wang faced three fundamental challenges:

- Low brand awareness (0.6% TOM awareness vs. category lead Head and Shoulders at 8%)

- An outdated and negative brand connotation as a prescription only, medicinal product bought from a pharmacy.

- Worn out category conventions: All advertisers claim the same product benefits and approach communications in the same way.

We needed to find a better way that would immediately increase awareness, make Kang Wang relevant and accessible to light to medium dandruff sufferers, and do so in a way that would cut through the monotony.


Kang Wang didn’t simply integrate promotional messages in “Victory Games: One Of Us” – the brand became a smart observer-fan character. The brand’s character participated in online chats, offering tips and information to celebrities to assist them in finding the killer. Kang Wang was smart, funny, and young – all qualities the brand lacked in its previous iteration as a medicinal product.

Beyond helping to solve the show’s mysteries, we were also able to drive purchase to Kang Wang’s eCommerce platform with “Watch and Buy” overlays when the product appeared on screen – allowing the audience to click on the link, on their device to ‘buy now’ through the ecommerce platform via their smartphone and desktop.

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