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ID\, Sao Paulo / NATURA / 2013


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To make a live interactive mirror for women to get learn and try the client's products, we had to create a new desktop solution with three different developing skill sets: Facebook Developers, Kinetic Developers and C++ technologies.

Inside the Facebook area of knowledge we needed the developers to provide a solution to integrate a C++ application with the Facebook API, making any interactions and results of it as a shareable asset for the project.

For the kinetic development we had a huge challenge: Map the whole human face and give instant interactive feedback in the mirror regarding some complex interactions, like use a lipstick or a facial brush, and make the user believe and feel as if he was really using the real product.

The C++ developers had to make it real, in other words they have to take both capabilities of the kinetic and Facebook and make a desktop application to run through the mirror.

After the development stage was completed, the second challenge was to make it simple to add, or change, the products available for the user and this was successfully achieved trough an administration panel. The panel allows the user to add new products and even check for metrics regarding what is the most used, and the most shared, product and any other metrics as needed.

The project is fully developed and we only have some maintenance issues with the backlog.

We are currently working towards making it a successful project in all project management areas - budget, timing and quality - which will make clients, agency and brands happy and hungry for new innovative projects.


The development and usability of our invention, and the creative concept, were fundamental, because it turned the original project of a service totem into an installation on a bathroom mirror at one of the most famous French bistros in town. This created curiosity about our service, increasing the impact and also provided the necessary privacy for the consumers to interact with our Mirror. Women were able to take as much time as they needed and use as many products as they wanted.

For the first time makeup sampling and testing exceeded by 80% the average product testing:

- each women tried on average 5 to 9 different products

- the 92% of women interacted with the Mirror's menu.

The major project's outcome was that the products provided for testing were the ones that received more requests for distribution places, during the 60 days of the project.

A replica of the Mirror is in the Microsoft's Future Home in Redmond, among other leading edge technologies, where it's presented as one of the best Kinect uses.

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