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Sri Lanka is a predominantly tea drinking nation where tea is usually consumed along with milk powder. The challenge was to break this habit and get the Sri Lankan tea drinker to use Viva malted food drink as the tea whitener instead of milk powder. The strategy was to create talkability around this subject by leveraging Sri Lanka's heritage as a premier tea producing nation. The tactic used was to create the world’s largest tea cup made using Ceylon tea and Viva instead of milk powder.The fact that this feat established a Guinness world record evoked a sense of pride and patriotism and made people sit up and notice the fact that Viva is best drunk with tea.This PR initiative attracted massive local and international attention. The stunt was relayed live via radio and TV and showcased on all prime time news belts the same evening. Even the international media who up to now were only reporting the war and post war issues was suddenly presented with a positive aspect to the country.


The cup was constructed at a workshop out of Colombo. Simultaneously the liquid was prepared on the location using 140 pounds of tea, 350 pounds sugar, 2000 pounds of Viva and 1,000 gallons of water.Once the cup was constructed it was transported to the location of the event on a trailer/truck.Once the tea reached the 4,000 litre mark a certified quantity surveyor certified that the record was broken, following with the breaking of the record was announced by the adjudicator from Guinness. Viva had broken the previous record by 1,000 liters.

The event was graced by a member from the presidential family and the captain of the national cricket Team Kumar Sangakkara.Media covered the event and it was broadcast live. Once the record was broken the cup was taken on a parade across Colombo celebrating the victory. Mainstream media announced that the record for the largest cup of tea was broken by Viva.


- 30 Minutes of prime time news coverage.- 69% recall of the event.- 25% volume growth.- Highest ever household market share of 27%.- Penetrated 86,000 households in a month.- Coverage in over 14 main publications- Reached over 69,000 fans on the Sri Lankan cricket captain's Facebook fan page.- Coverage in 25 international News and current affairs sites including BBC and CNBC.- Over 30 minutes of footage and 5,000 comments on YouTube link.- Live updates on 7 main radio stations.

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