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So, while the stadium was being built, how would the millions of fans feel the soul of its stands? Through social media! While the construction was ongoing, we opened the social media accounts for Vodafone Arena. And turned social media into a giant stand!


How did we do it? By enabling them to do everything on social media which they used to at the stands We started off with a campaign in which we buried the longing messages of the fans into the foundation of the new stadium. They never stopped cheering in the stadium for 90 minutes, so we never stopped communication in our social media channels 24/7. We acted like a cheerleader and we cheered together with them in our social media channels.


1. The old stadium of Besiktas is called “Inonu Stadium” and the fans have been calling it the “temple” for 69 years. Throughout its history of 69 years, Inonu Stadium’s name was changed twice due to politics and once due to a sponsorship deal.But the fans, in their rebellious nature, never accepted the name change and continued calling it “Inonu stadium”. As Vodafone Arena, by communication where we put the fans in centre and our frank tone of voice, we broke down their taboos and made them like and embrace the name “Vodafone Arena”. Such that, the fans nicknamed us “Stadium Bro” The number of Besiktas fans who switched to Vodafone increased by 20%. 41.903 season tickets were soldout with a week.

2. We managed Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts effectively like a fan. During the 3 year construction period of the stadium, we performed in such a way that we made the fans not feel the absence of the stadium. Our tone of voice was the voice of a creative and emotional fan who never stops cheering and supports the team.

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