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For young women, life is hectic and their loyalties can be frankly quite fickle. We needed to uncover why the inherent tension between enjoying the taste of Vodka Cruiser and not identifying with the projected image.

As we probed deeper, through focus groups and speaking to female psychology experts, it became clear that the values and identity of these young women was in a state of transition.

The brand needed to be a cultural catalyst, keeping pace with consumers lives, giving them an aspirational window to the world. Our strategic idea was to take Aussie women (18-24) on a journey of discovery that encourages self-expression and fuels confidence.

We designed an approach to connect culturally using branded content in a uniquely compelling way to position Vodka Cruiser as a relate-able modern brand that entertains, inspires and sparks conversation. One that speaks with them, not to them.


A fast and funny chat show was designed to follow an interactive format covering themes like relationships, food, travel, fashion and career to build Vodka Cruiser’s image as a true social companion. Hosted in infotainment style, each show featured socially influential guests. This wasn’t TV as they knew it. Viewers didn’t watch VCTV, they were part of it.

We pre-promoted in the form of teasers, invitations to users to submit their own content for inclusion in the show, as well as time targeted boosting 2 hours before each episode went live.

We created post-show 'highlights' packages and immersive Facebook canvas units to attract new audiences. Facebook Carousel ads ensured the product was top of mind.

We amplified VCTV across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Outdoor, POS and owned channels. Organic sharing included Twitter and Snapchat. Multiple trade promotions, giveaways, as well as product placements were baked into the show to fuel sales.


The campaign exceeded objectives in an unprecedented fashion:

1) Improve brand favourability by 3%

- We saw 9% increase in brand favourability (vs. regional benchmark of 1.8 %)

2) Drive engagement and improve campaign recall by 5%

- We saw 23% increase in Ad recall (vs. benchmark of 8 %).

- 1.35 million Facebook users were reached (90% of Women 18-24)

- Who spent time equivalent to 240 days with the brand

- The content from the show garnered 3.2 million views all up

3) Increase Sales by 3%

- We saw a staggering 9.3% uplift in sales- triple that of forecast growth.

- 7% uplift was seen across the top two retail chains alone. With no external factors different vs same time previous year, we can isolate this impact due to the campaign. The promotional giveaways in-show were for select independent stockists only; not driving to these retailers.

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