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Situation before the campaign. Morshynska is an absolute leader in the Ukrainian drinking water market with a market share of more than 20%. This is the challenge, as every year it's harder to grow. The brand audience is all Ukrainians. Regardless of region, age, social status, place of work, or interests - people all over the country drink our water.

Morshynska has a 140-year history and is born in the Carpathian mountains. So the territory of naturalness corresponds to the brand’s DNA being its deep truth. But this territory in Ukraine is overcrowded. All-natural brands are barely different from each other.”Natural” labels can be found on the bottles of all brands.

By one campaign Morshynska wanted to address all of its diverse audience, continue dynamic growth and strengthen such brand attributes as "naturalness" in the "most natural" category.


The image of the Carpathian mountains combines three components: water, nature, and Ukrainian culture. Morshynska natural water is born in the wilderness of the Carpathians'. That makes nature of the Carpathians both the source of water and Ukrainian culture itself. How could we communicate this complex message? We realized that music would be the best medium. It makes us feel and experience things that are difficult to explain with words. Imagine music created by water music instruments. The voice of water that can be heard and felt by millions of Ukrainians.


To discover the deeper level of naturalness we headed back to the Carpathians, the birthplace of Morshynska. The Carpathians are also the cradle of true Ukrainian identity and authentic culture that finds its source of inspiration in nature. High in the mountains, Ukrainian culture survived despite the Soviets’ attempts to flatten everything that is Ukrainian. After the dramatic events of 2014 (Revolution of Dignity), a new generation became aware of themselves as Ukrainians and tried to find their own identity. That was a unique moment in Ukrainian history and Morshynska brand was the one to answer the call of the whole nation.


Together with music engineers and industrial designers, we invented musical instruments that could be played by water streams. The references for instruments didn’t exist, so we had to create everything from scratch: designing, prototyping, testing each instrument. We used different approaches - iron tabs tuned to different notes, strings, drums, waterfalls, fast flows or still water. After half a year of preparation, mountain water could play these instruments without any help from people.

These records became a song in collaboration with Ukrainian folk musicians. Morshynska was indicated as the equal performer together with other musicians everywhere - on music platforms, Youtube, radio and social media. To present it to the audience we set up a massive concert right at the heart of Kyiv. Every bottle of Morshynska became the medium, leading people through QR to the site, where they could also hear the voice of water.


Voice of Water music video got more than 16 mln views on Youtube, while the country population is 42 mln. It received 99% positive feedback, people commented that it was not a brand ad, but an ad for modern Ukraine. That gave goosebumps and a feeling of pride for being Ukrainian. It was released on music platforms and presented live. The first concert "made of advertisement" was visited by 35,000 people.

The campaign resulted in market share growth by 2.8 percentage points and increased sales by 20% compared to the previous period, with a media budget 3 times less. It strengthened naturalness attributes smoothly. And what's more important that authentic music content became part of the culture and continues to live without any media support.

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