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Volkswagen Pre-Crash Bumper Ad

DDB, Berlin / VOLKSWAGEN / 2018

Case Film
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The internet is packed with accidents. And people take a great deal of pleasure in watching them. It’s enough to search for “fail compilation” to notice the many videos available and the huge number of views and comments. So, one thing is sure: people never get tired of a good sardonic laugh at the expenses of others.


In order to fulfil our objective, we used nothing else than simple bumper ads. We placed the message in fail compilation on Youtube videos right before accidents happened. The ads explained the Pre-Crash System and led viewers to the Volskwagen website, where they could learn more about Pre-Crash and the latest safety features.


Only one simple message strategically placed allowed us to leverage a large quantity of public content, turning it into Volkswagen showcases and leading to a higher awareness for our safety features. All with zero production costs.

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