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GREY BRAZIL, Sao Paulo / VOLVO / 2018

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We started with a core concept- Whoever drives the new Volvo XC60 loves it instantly. Instead of having Volvo talk about its technologies, design or engineering, we let the feeling of test-driving a Volvo speak for itself, in real time, through the words of those experiencing it in the New XC60.

When a driver was on test drive and had an opinion about the New XC60, a new ad was created, produced and pushed out live to more than 1,000 digital billboards, banners and social media posts, turning spontaneous remarks into the car's ad campaign. With each new test drive, the cycle started again and the ads were updated.


To generate curiosity in the project and for people to test drive the New XC60, a week prior to the launching campaign, we ran a teaser with the message: "Your opinion here. Live. " For this we used digital media and OOH.

We hand-picked billboards in the main avenues of Sao Paulo and in the avenues related to our target audience. We also leveraged national coverage in digital, running the ads for 3 full days in the home section on the country’s largest news portal and for a few more days in specific sections of the portal. In addition, the ads were also formatted for Facebook and Instagram posts, to increase and segment impacts.


Campaign generated 40 millions impressions, increased the sales leads in 274% and number of visits to Volvo’s website in 321%, a record number.It boosted the car's online configuration by 1.327%.

Another record, was the number of testdrives in just one weekend. We had more than 2 millions views in Instagram Stories where ads were also ran. That way, in just two days we increased 142% number of followers in our social channels.

VolvoGlobal is in contact with Volvo Brasil to create the experience in other countries with the same mechanics of turning an instant reaction into advertising. Interestingly, some of the competing brands also got in touch with media companies we collaborated with on the project, asking for more information about “this new format running in real time" and when it would be made available to them. Unfortunately for them, this one’s all ours- because it was created by Volvo.

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