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BBDO BELGIUM, Brussels / LIDL / 2019

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Lidl is a large brand of supermarkets in Belgium. In May 2019, Lidl launched its latest campaign.

Strategy : when you serve a plate made of fresh products from Lidl, your guests will be impressed. The Key Visual showed someone presenting an appetising plate of cooked food, in order to impress and coax the audience. The message: "Make a good impression with our fresh products".

During the campaign however, many electoral posters were put up in the streets of Belgium and took much of people’s attention. Everybody was speaking about the elections, so we wanted to attract attention to the Lidl campaign and reinforce the message that fresh food from Lidl was particularly good.

Brief :

Attract the attention of Belgians who were focused on politics election

Objectives :

Position Lidl as the leader of fresh products and make the brand more friendly.


Target audience: Lidl is a supermarket so the target audience is large but the most important target is adults and families who want to eat healthy meals at a good price.

Positioning: Lidl has been positioned as providing good fresh products at an interesting price for years now.

Strategy: Lidl tends to communicate with humour and in a fun way. Each and every communication is designed to elicit a smile; Belgians know Lidl’s tone of voice and like their quirky communications.


The campaign was done in 3 stages over 2 days.

1) We measured existing electoral posters, took pictures of the posters and measured the politicians on it.

2) We organised a shooting with body look-a-like and dressed them like the politicians on the poster. The look-a-like recreated the position of the politician on the poster and held a plate of food prepared with fresh produce from Lidl. We edited the pictures to match with the selected elections posters.

3) We stuck our posters next to the elections posters through Belgium.

In 2 days, the idea went live and was "on air". We began measuring posters on May 23rd and "Lidl" posters were stuck next to the election posters already on May 24th – just two days before voting day on Sunday 26th May.

In the end we developed new posters for 29 politicians and put them up, all over


- Many Belgians talked about it on social networks.

- Even the politicians themselves shared it on Twitter and had a laugh to see themselves with a plate of food in their hands.

- Politicians were the first to like the tweets they were tagged on — with a picture of themselves with a plate of fresh produce in their hands.

- Results :

Shows and news on TV spoke about it.

Earned media press: €73,999.88

Earned media on social networks: €88,874.76

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