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The world's first in-room Virtual Reality travel experiences. We spoke with adventurers around the globe and created inspiring virtual travel logs. Each traveler reveals what travel means to them, sharing stories for Marriott guests to connect with, reflect upon, and ultimately echo.

With exotic destinations spanning from the Andes mountains in Chile, a bustling market in Beijing, and a local ice cream shop in rural Rwanda, these portraits give Marriott guests an exclusive window through the eyes of someone who knows it deeply.

For those involved in the production, inspiration was everywhere: “Starting in NYC we traveled to Santiago, Chile; from there to Kigali, Rwanda, passing through Sao Paolo and Johannesburg; then on to Beijing,” recalls Matt Pascuzzi, Lead Compositor, “It was a massive undertaking – we basically traveled the globe in two weeks.” Now, with VRoom service, Marriott guests anywhere can join the adventure from their hotel rooms.


Guests at Marriott Hotels in New York and London were able to call up room service and ask for the VR Postcard experience 24/7 for two weeks in September 2015. The guests enjoyed the mini documentaries and Marriott was excited by the results. This as another step towards a greater integration between technology and travel - Virtual Reality travel is the link between the two.


Explorers and Travelers around the world felt completely immersed and engaged. They were immediately impressed and even more excited about visiting these locations in real life with the help of Marriott.

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