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Free From products are one of the fastest growing food categories. Yet Waitrose’s existing “gluten free” products did not have a single-minded way of targeting consumers.

Waitrose came to us to create a new Free From brand, with products across a broad range of categories from bakery to dairy, and pasta.

Whilst competitors’ Free From ranges apologise for what they lack, Waitrose believe that when you take something out, you must put more in – more care, more quality, more thought.


Free From products are one of the fastest growing food categories, outperforming retail experts’ expectations to date. Its substantial growth is predicted to be £673 million in 2020, according to Mintel.

Waitrose “gluten free” products did not have a single-minded way of targeting consumers. To really maximise Free From’s potential and help drive another phase of growth, they needed a new sub-brand.

This brand targets two distinct audiences. The first is allergy sufferers, who make up 71 per cent of customers. The second is health seekers, expected to be a major source of future growth, as the new Free From branding and products broaden the appeal of the sector.

Our solution therefore has a simple messaging hierarchy to appeal to both:

1. It may be free from, but it’s full of taste

2. It’s food we are proud of

3. It clearly communicates the allergens a product is free from


We positioned the brand as a positive, progressive eating choice to suit everyone. The brand idea points out; “Free From…Full of Taste”.

The key visual mark is a pair of bespoke ‘f’s’ that double as typographic braces, framing the food. Sophisticated and simple typography is what makes these products so special.

To hero the product, we also wanted an editorial-style approach to the photography. A refined colour palette of taupe grey and ivory is combined with marble, zinc and ceramics.


The Waitrose & Partners team came to us with a range of meticulously developed products, with extra care having been taken to ensure that products are free from allergens, but uncompromising on both the great taste and quality expected from Waitrose.

Positioning the brand as a progressive eating choice is proving to be successful. The brand has had amazing response from the online community. Whilst sales are ahead of targets. Products that transferred from Waitrose’s LoveLife range into the new Free From brand, have seen a 70% increase in sales compared to same period the previous year.

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