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The entire activation was designed to generate immediate response. It was centered around an on-pack competition to win a Wallsie Onesie to drive sales as well as engagement. The competition lived on the Wall’s Facebook page where people had the chance to win one of 300 Wallsies by sharing a story about their favourite breakfast.

To generate sales, as well as to get the retail trade on our side, the competition was promoted on-pack (we even changed the name of the 229-year-old brand from Wall’s to Wallsie to promote the campaign) in the in store environment. We also used TV, as well as paid digital media, to make people aware of the competition and to firstly drive them into store to buy Wall’s sausages and then drive them to the Facebook page to enter the competition.


With 45% of people deciding to have a cooked breakfast last minute and 1/4 of people buying their ingredients on the same day, Wallsie was designed to make the last minute breakfast better.

To stretch the budget further, the activation built on the hype of the growing popular culture phenomena; the onesie, and was implemented in phases across 5 weeks to target key moments in the customer journey:

1. Get in baskets to drive purchase, using product packaging on shelf and proximity media outside retailers.

2. Build anticipation leading up to the weekend, using TV, print, editorial in OK Magazine and paid digital media to generate awareness and drive people to the competition. We even partnered with Celebrity Big Brother to do a bespoke spot and to integrate the competition into their editorial.

3. Own and share the moment, using social content and paid digital media to own breakfast.


The original objective was to instill greater confidence in the brand both internally and externally by generating buzz and excitement around the brand and the product. From the results it is clear we achieved this objective:

1. Instilling confidence

Before the campaign ran the Kerry Foods business had considered selling the brand. Following the success of the campaign, despite a 17% decline in distribution the ROI was 22% higher than previous communications, the company was convinced of the strength of the brand. They decided to not sell and keep investing in it to stem decline and eventually turn it into growth.

2. Generating buzz and excitement

Despite a reach of only 28%, the competition had over 12,300 entries for 300 Wallsies in 5 weeks, with fans begging to get their hands on one, trying to buy them and suggesting new designs.

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