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Ten years ago, Samsung started working with the Spanish Federation of Breast Cancer (FECMA), promoting different initiatives with the aim of raising funds and supporting research projects.

In recent years Samsung has promoted a project to donate ultrasound machines to public hospitals. These are capable of more precisely detecting possible signs of breast cancer. Thanks to ultrasound technology it is now possible to avoid invasive diagnostic methods.

To mark the 10th anniversary of this collaboration, both FECMA and Samsung wanted to do something more: capture the attention of the media to encourage donation and give visibility to all those who fight against cancer. With the fundraising. With the funds raised we wanted to allocate one part to the research and another part to the donation of 3 ultrasound machines.

The challenge was to come up with a strong idea, to command attention in the newsrooms and let them see there


Samsung and FECMA present:

War Correspondents on Breast Cancer, an poignant photo report that aims to recognize and give visibility to the commitment and intense work of all those who fight daily against breast cancer.

A unique journalistic project, captured through the eyes of the Pulitzer Prize winning Spanish war photojournalist Manu Brabo. He exposes the disease from a never before seen point of view. A report that unites two different but surprisingly similar worlds.

An exhibition of 42 photographs, a documentary and a special book in the format of the photographers personal files.

For each view of the documentary online and for each download, Samsung donated €1 to FECMA.


The goal was to reach the maximum number of people, to increase awareness and donations

First we had to capture the attention of the media, so they would talk about the war against cancer. But how did we achieve this when what is newsworthy, is something else completely? When in the media, we see a completely different type of war

We looked for a leader for journalists: Manu Brabo. The most important war photojournalist in Spain, winner of a Pulitzer prize and we turned him into the protagonist of our campaign, along with doctors and the women who live through this war with cancer

The photoreport created by Manu Brabo was covered by the main media outlets in Spain. The campaign was discussed and shared organically on social media. Ultimately, this strategy allowed us to capture the attention of everyone


War Correspondents on Breast Cancer is a poignant photoreport in which War Correspondent and Pulitzer Prize winner Manu Brabo, covers the war on cancer and portrays it in a way never seen before. As a

- 13 minute video documentary covered by the main media outlets and journalists in Spain, such as El País, El Mundo, Forbes, La Vanguardia, GQ, El Mundo, Vice, L’Officiel y otros.

• 20s spot for social media, a reduced format adapted to this medium.

• Web:

Where the documentary, digital book were hosted. Direct donation was encouraged.

• Digital photo book for download and donation.

• Temporary exhibition of 15 photographs to sensitize society about what and how all the people who live and survive the disease feel.

• A hashtag campaign #CGCM, to allow people to follow all the content on social media.


The results were amazing. During the first 15 days of the national campaign, national and international media covered the news.

Over 1000 visitors to the exhibition in 2 days.

Due to the success of the campaign, in 2019 a second exhibition was held at the Caixa Forum Madrid.

From the money raised, Samsung donated 3 ultrasound machines to 3 public hospitals.

157,643,312 media reach

4,5 M ad value

235,450 downloads of the book

+ €240.000 donated

97% positive comments

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