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McCANN, Santiago / ENTEL / 2020

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In October 2019, Chile underwent the most significant social outcry in its history, in which millions of Chileans came out to protest, demanding equity and fairness. Unfortunately, the occupation of the streets also meant irreparable losses to small and medium-sized businesses, which account for 70% of the country's workforce.

Since Entel, the largest telecommunications company in Chile, and its division called "Entel Empresas" work directly in developing the country's companies, had to come to the rescue with a sound action plan. So we put forward an idea that would generate sales so that those businesses wouldn't go under and continue offering their products and services as usual as possible.


We created an advertising medium in a place that was always available, but no one used it: We used the screens of more than 3.500 smartphones in more than 120 Entel showrooms across the country. A direct link to the e-commerce of small and medium-sized businesses affected by the social outcry. Entel stores and the nearest businesses would match through a platform to register and then start offering their products and services on the stores' smartphone screens.


We had data from many affected businesses by the social outcry and collected more through a platform where these businesses could register. This way, we were able to direct the communication of these businesses directly towards the people from the neighborhood, thus generating the first we-Commerce.

And we send the direct with the products and services offered by these small and medium-sized businesses to everyone who walked into the Entel showrooms.


We implemented the idea in more than 120 Entel showrooms throughout the country, in over 3.500 phone screens during the social outcry, for as long as necessary, at no cost for each of those small and medium businesses affected by the crisis.


2500+ people visit each store daily

120+ stores across the country

30+ phones in each one

3.500+ screens

3.500+ Geolocated media for ventures

3.000.000+ people reached

+200% more traffic to their websites

+43% increase in the average daily visits to their stores

+22% more sales through e-commerce

To help 70% of Chile's workforce: small and medium-sized businesses.

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