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ANORAK, Oslo / KLP / 2019







As Norway’s largest public sector pension company, KLP takes care of doctors, nurses, firefighters, ambulance personnel, et cetera. In short, people doing work that really matters.

While social media influencers may seem important and happy, and some people envy them, their lives are staged and fake. People shouldn't envy them, because honest meaningful work is still what matters most and makes our society function. We wanted to pay tribute to that.

KLP follows their members through their whole careers and beyond by providing them with benefits and financial services throughout and even afterwards with a great pension.


This campaign introduces a young man living the SoMe-influencer-lifestyle to the fullest, wildly indulging in all the perks. But, lately he’s begun to feel weighted by the struggle of reinventing himself, working hard to maintain his edge. Also, it doesn’t help that anyone with 10k followers can call themselves influencers these days. He starts contemplating doing something even more meaningful, or maybe a new line of work altogether. Could there be any even more meaningful work out there?

He entertains the thought before concluding on leaving the meaningful work to those who do it well, and sticking to whatever it is he is doing.

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