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The world is imbalanced. Some people have too much food whilst others have far too little. Obesity is a real life health crisis yet at the same time, people are struggling to feed themselves and their children.Our objective was to show that Weight Watchers cares about balancing out world weight and show that they’re more than just a weight loss company. They are in fact purveyors of health and wellbeing - on a grand scale. Make a difference while driving enrolments. Modernize the brand.The strategy was to create a campaign with a tiny budget that spawns lots of free press and online buzz, which in turn motivates people to join Weight Watchers and ‘spread the health, starting with themselves’.So we created ‘The Lose For Good™ Campaign’ where for every pound you lose, Weight Watchers will donate the equivalent of a pound of food, up to a million dollars, to people around the world who need it.

The Outcome was an overwhelming response in the short six-week period. We had countless hits and blogs and tons of free press. Over a million pounds was lost and over a million dollars donated for food for the hungry. Food banks filled. And Weight Watchers’ became committed to continue the program on an annual basis.


For every pound lost between 7th September and 18th October 2008, Weight Watchers donated the equivalent of a pound of food, up to a million dollars.

We created an event and two web films: We teamed up with a street artist who makes tape sculptures. He made us an over-sized human figure and an extremely thin one. We invited the public to remove tape from the large and add it to the small until both figures were equal. We filmed it and posted it on the web.

The film, and press about the film, drove people to our website where you could see another film that explained ‘Lose For Good’, sign up, find meetings, track your success and more. We floated it to as many press outlets as we could, did a blogger challenge, tapped social media networks, newsletters, talk shows, etc., and let the public take the conversation from there.


The ‘Lose For Good’ campaign exceeded expectations. It drove enrolments and the donation goal of one million dollars was reached.Lose For Good created so much enthusiasm among members that meeting rooms across the nation spawned their own food drives and donated over 1.5 million pounds of additional food to local food banks. Collectively, members lost over 4 million pounds during the 6 week period proving that we helped make America healthier and helped balanced the scales of hunger.

A multitude of high profile media outlets covered the promotion including CNBC, Business Week, New York Times, PR Week, Reuters, Rachel Ray and many, many more. Bloggers went wild and social media outlets were ablaze with positive commentary. Additionally, the campaign was embraced by Weight Watchers internally and will be implemented annually for years to come.

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