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360i, New York / NESTLE / 2016


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In a powerful online film, we asked women to start weighing what really matters – their life accomplishments – in lieu of their bodies.

The #WeighThis film opens on a scale in the middle of a grand hall. The question “What do you weigh?” appears on the screen as women apprehensively approach it. After being told that they are to speak on their accomplishments rather than weigh themselves, they are visibly relieved.

The women describe the things they are proud of: What they’ve done, where they’ve gone, the people in their lives. The examples build to an emotional climax. Text appears on screen asking women: “If you’re going to weigh something, weigh what matters.” We then see women triumphantly place symbols of their accomplishments on the scale as viewers are then invited to share in social media how they would like to be weighed with the hashtag #WeighThis.


#WeighThis was a complete social campaign that sparked a larger conversation around value and body image by instead focusing on women’s accomplishments.

We challenged women to weigh themselves on the incredible things they do every day in a film that ended with the message: “If you’re going to weigh something, weigh what matters,” and prompted viewers to share how they’d like to be weighed using #WeighThis. The video launched on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and across influencer content.

The response to the film was so great that we commissioned artist Annica Lydenberg to paint women’s responses on actual scales for an installation inside Grand Central Station. We shared the event on social, generating more awareness and engagement.

Then, in January, we gave women a tool to filter out the word “diet” on their televisions and web browsers with the #WeighThis Diet Filter for TV and Google Chrome.


#WeighThis was an integral part of Lean Cuisine’s holistic turnaround strategy and largely contributed to the brand seeing its first sales increase in six years despite nearly a 56% decline in media spend year-over-year. And since the original #WeighThis video launched, the brand has seen 41 straight weeks of positive year-over-year sales.

The film was an instant and viral success, contributing to a 33% increase in positive brand perception, and reducing share of negative conversations to 4%, from the previous year’s share of 25%.

Just as important, Lean Cuisine started an open dialogue for women around weighing what matters in life.

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